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I bought this figure, by Joseph Regula, the day I saw this exhibition in late June. I've been coming to Poland for more than 30 years and looking at these figurines almost as long, always with ambivalence, never quite sure what to make of them. My uneasiness grew after seeing this exhibit, but so did my appreciation. I was particularly moved by Mr. Regula's figures, especially the one he carved for his teenage daughter when she was going through a period of depression. I had always seen these figures as Jews first and foremost and as symbols of a painful past, but now I also saw them as an expression of what is most fundamentally human in all of us--joy, suffering, fear, compassion. When I got home, I put my figurine on a piece of furniture in my house where it shares a space with other objects that are special to me. I like the way the vase and the eucalyptus branches seem to shelter, almost to protect, the two figures.

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